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The Shawangunk Runners are a club of competetive runners who train on the trails of the scenic Shawangunk Mountains in upstate New York. 

Current News and Upcoming Events

After the Leaves - THE RACE DATE HAS CHANGED TO Nov. 10.  Due to parking lot resurfacing at Minnewaska, we have had to change the date for After the Leaves.  All otherrace details are the same.  You can get a refund if you already preregistered and can make the new date. 

The last (and best in the opinion of the webmaster) Shawangunk Runners race of the season is the After The Leaves on Sunday, November 3.  This is a 20k carraige road/trail race around both the incredibly scenic Lake Minnewaska and Lake Awosting.  The view from Castle Point has to be seen to be believed.  The weather is almost without exception cool and dry.  The State Park charges a $8 fee per car. Race is limited to 400 runners and there will be online registration at  this link.  This flyer gives further information.

Current Workouts -  Workouts are being held Wednesday night at 6:00 at the Sping Farm trailhead in the Mohonkk Preserve (tempo), Friday at 6:00 at the SUNY New Paltz track (speed), and Sunday mornings (long runs).  Please check our Yahoo site (Workouts page) for meeting place and times for the Sunday morning runs.(posted June 27, 2013)

How to choose the best thermogenic fat burner supplement

Are you shopping for thermogenic fat burners? Thermogenic products are one of the most popular weight-loss products today. In any case, the issue is, there are excessively numerous of them that picking the best thermogenic can be very befuddling. If you buy the wrong product, you can't maximize its fat-burning potential, so to help you make the right purchase, here are a few tips.

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Never rush into buying fat burners. Set aside some time to collect good resources to know more about thermogenic supplements and how you can use them to your advantage. But when doing research, be selective in the articles, books, reviews, videos, and other materials that you use. Anyone can write a review and post them on the Internet, so use your good judgment to discern which materials can help you.

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Since thermogenic induce the body to increase its metabolic activity, you may experience side effects such as heart pounding or palpitation. And in some products with diuretic effects, expect constant visits to the bathroom to urinate.

Best Thermogenic

There are some thermogenic on the market today, but not all of them deliver the promised results. Many manufacturers and distributors create well-hyped advertisements for their products, but in reality, they underperform as compared to low-profile products. In other words, if you are scouring the market for the best thermogenic , you also need to consider unknown brands.

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1. Thermogenic with Green Tea Extract

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2. Betancourt Nutrition Ripped Juice Concentrated

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There are many Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplement on the market today. But before making a purchase, consult your doctor or read reputable reviews to find out which among these products is the best thermogenic.

The Best Pre Workout Should Give Off These Effects!

Have you ever seen a guy or girl in the gym digging some powder into shaking with water and drinking it before getting into weight? Then you are probably confronted with the fact that someone was drinking some form before training. Most of you already know this, though, if you have little interest in working out. But you, people who were not interested in additions, pay attention to this article.

First, why do people even use such additives? The main reason for this phenomenon is that the body usually requires energy both mentally and physically during training, which many people want to avoid, as this affects the rest of the workout and possibly the rest of your day. When walking/cycling / driving from a gym, you often feel exhausted and want to go to bed. This feeling is not always better if you have other duties that tend to later, and so some people use exercise substitutes. But most people use them to enhance and maintain physical activity during exercise.

But what effects should a good pre-workout for you? Many ways can affect training, but most of them are for the worse. The best addition to training for you is what makes you feel good. You do not feel any discomfort, and if you do, switch the application that you are using. They all influence you differently (it's very individual), so you need to find one that suits you best.

Here is a list of what you need to do before training:

* First and foremost, you should feel energetic for a long period, at least for the entire session of the workout. But you do not have to be too energetic, as this can cause you to lose focus.

* You should feel very focused. This is important because you want to pay attention to what you are doing, and not just lose everything. If you feel unfocused, you should consider changing your supplement.

* You also need to feel that you have the higher endurance to make your work better.

This is the main thing that you should do before training. If they do not, try one more. But there are also a few things that you should look for when trying to train. Here is a list of some common effects:

* Your body trembles slightly. This is not very good, and it is a sign that you will not be able to concentrate. This is most often caused by too much caffeine, and it usually happens to people who do not normally consume coffee.

Your body itches. Some people report that their skin itches. It does not look like a normal itch; it's more like a bizarre tingling. This is what makes you feel uncomfortable (most of the time) and should be avoided.

* You feel rage and anger. This is not the ultimate goal of the preliminary training. Some people like this feeling, because it makes them work better. It depends on you if you like it, but I would not recommend it. This makes you lose focus, and you can be dangerous to other people. But, as I mentioned earlier, each effect is individual.

* Vertigo is also quite common. It does not have to be that way, but if it does, change the pre-workout that you are currently using.

This is pretty much the best recommendation that you can give when you start using such supplements. Look for the positive effects mentioned earlier, and try to avoid negative ones. I hope you find an excellent addition to what works as the best pre-workout for you! But for some people, supplements are not the best. Then you can try different dishes and snacks, but that's another matter. Now go to your local gym or a supplements website https://www.pumpninc.com/best-pre-workout-supplements/ and buy some of this powder!



Undercliff/Overcliff 182 runners finished the first race in the Summer Series on a surprisingly cool night in the Mohonk Preserve.  The 15 minutes of rain before the race brought a welcome relief to the heat we've been having this summer.  The race had some fast times on a beautiful course.  See you Monday for Lou's Run at the Spring farm trailhead. Results (posted July 13, 2013)

Lous Run Results

Patterson's Pellet Results

The Solstice Run went very well with the first cool and dry evening in recent memory.  276 runners finished the race, the most in recent years.  Thank you to all how particpated!  Race Results
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